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Marketing has changed over the years from placing adverts in publications to email marketing but by far the most successful bang for buck marketing today is social media marketing.

Your problem though is that its not as simple as it was; designing an advert is one thing but social media is a constant nurturing of your social sites which requires people who know what they are doing. ItsTheWeb has teamed up with one of the UK's most successful social media marketing companies to bring you products that deliver results

Included as Standard:

No contract sign up

No set up costs

Real posts with

Real content

Free account creation

Our Packages

Social Media Posting (monthly)


Social Media Posting (monthly)
Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In

  • No long term contracts
  • Posts every day
  • Content from clients website
  • Branded content w/Strap banner
  • Topical inductry content
  • Optimised pages
  • facebook video header
Social Media Bundle (monthly)


Social Media Bundle (monthly)
Supercharge your sales and save with both packages

  • Save £££'s Make £££'s with both
  • Social Media Posting
  • and
  • Instagram swell
Instagram Swell (monthly)


Instagram Swell (monthly)
Increase Instagram followers by 500 /week

  • Content creation and posting
  • Real people, Real engagement
  • Real targeted engaged followers
  • Unmatched Results
  • Target growth, accounts, locations
  • Target competitiors
  • No ghost or fake acconts

What you get?

Let’s start with a few home truths, just posting on social media won’t get you sales leads, what it will do is keep professional looking social media pages for current and new customers and help with search engine rankings (google loves pages that are updated several times a day).

This is the core of what is done here, posting great content to personal and business pages up to 6 times a day with a banner attached to the post which customers can click back to your website (fun fact, if you add one post to your Facebook page, only 4% of your followers will ever see it unless its repeated throughout a month).

Our Social medie Marketing Partner  can help you with all this and more at a fraction of the cost of other companies with our state of the art software and dedicated social experts.


Engaging Social Media Posts

You will get rich and engaging content for your social media pages posted for you.

Video Advert Posts

Like social media posts, but are direct adverts for your business done in a video slide production with music, these are very engaging and people like to share with friends pages.

Dedicated Social Expert

You can contact one of our experts at any time if you have any questions or do not understand something. We also do a complete audit of your business's social media strategy and let you know how to tailor it to your business.

Branded Content

Our posts can be branded with a clickable banner with your business details on there, it doesn’t matter how people share the post your banner will always be there, across the world sometimes!


Engage customers with social competitions and giveaways.

Social Deals

Offer special deals or discounts directly to your followers and customers.

This package will post content 2/3 times a week AND increase your followers by up to 500 a week*

Real people, real businesses and real engagements! Don't buy fakes when you can get REAL, Targeted, Engaged Followers!


We deliver unmatched results. You have to experience this. Utilise our services and receive up to 500 genuine targeted followers weekly!*


We can target by famous accounts, locations, hashtags and even competitors! Get real results with real people. You don't need to do a thing.


We will post your content, all scheduled to hit your page at high volume times every week.


Our system works 100% safely. We work within the limits of Instagram. Your account is safe and secure on our service.


We offer 24/7 support, our account representatives will take care of any of your questions or needs you may have.


With Instagram Swell, you will generate a following of organic people. No ghost or fake accounts are involved.


Some of our frequently asked questions.

Are the followers real?

Our engagements provide 100% organic & genuine followers. Instagram Swell doesn't provide a set, specific bought amount of followers like other websites. We provide a continual "growth" of followers through targeted engagements, people who will only follow you if they are interested in your account, you will notice new followers, more comments and more post likes, since these are people who are showing actual interest.

Can I use my account on your service?

Of course! Your account is your own, and our service will run in the background. You will be able to use your account as you normally would. We recommend posting nightly between 7 pm and 9 pm for optimal results!

When will I notice results?

You will notice results within a few hours of being set up in our system, you will notice increased activity on your page in the form of likes, new followers, traffic and potentially new customers. This will continue to have a snowball effect the longer you use our service, the longer you work with us the better the results will be!

Will my followers disappear?

No, they will not! The followers you have gained while using Instagram Swell are yours! Remember - the followers you have gained are following you because they actively choose to, they are showing interest in your profile and who or what you have to offer
Really? What do you think this? Its just BOTH of the above packages together helping you save money.