Web Design

Stop trying to do it yourself with custom site builders!

Seriously, How much is your time worth?

Those custom site builders that are advertised everywhere simply lock you to that provider. Secondly you cant expand with 000's add-ons in a marketplace. We create your website in WordPress, the worlds most popular content management system.

Our terms and service is simple. We will install WordPress, configure your emails, create your theme and pages based on what you tell us. We will, to a certain extent, provide generic pictures but they are much better coming from you.

NOTE: You must provide content for us, we cant write that too. SORRY: We do not do eCommerce sites yet

Included as Standard:

Simple fast web design

Installation and setup

Trusted WordPress Website

Graphical Page Builder

Fully responsive mobile ready

Our Packages

Web design - Single Page WordPress Site


Web design - Single Page WordPress Site

Get Started

Optimised WordPress hosting.

A single scrolling home page with image slider and various sections as you scroll down the page.

The top menu can have more than one menu item that scrolls down to sections on the page. It also includes a second contact-us page

Web design - Five Page WordPress Site


Web design - Five Page WordPress Site

Growing fast

Optimised WordPress hosting

A Five Page site withscrolling home page with image slider and various pages including gallery and products/services.

The top menu can have up to five menu items linking to a separate page. It also includes a contact-us page

Web Design - Multi Page WordPress Site


Web Design - Multi Page WordPress Site


Optimised WordPress hosting.

A multi page website including image sliders, gallery page, downloads page etc. In fact as many pages as you want

The top menu can have nested items linking to unlimited pages. It also includes uploads, gallery, downloads and contact-us page

Don't want to pay an upfront fee?

Probably going to have lots of updates and changes?

Try our monthly payment products
Hosting with web designer

Look at what you get

Web Design Products Simple, fast, value for money

One off payment

  • No. of pages
  • No. of websites
  • Includes web hosting
  • Contract Term (months)
  • Site Migration
  • Animated Slider
  • Coming soon page
  • Contact-Us page
  • Captcha enabled
  • Animated page effects
  • Theme Design
  • Bootstrap Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Ready
  • Email Accounts
  • Yoast SEO manager
  • Email account support
  • WordPress updates
  • Daily backups
  • Multiple URL's
  • Graphical WP site Builder
  • Post Submission
  • Download buttons
  • Image Gallery
  • Nested top menu
  • Downloads page
  • Uploads page
  • Content Design
  • Payment Gateways
  • eCommerce
  • Logo Design

WP Single Page


  • 2
  • 1
  • 0
  • unlimited
  • 2

WP Five-Page


  • 5
  • 1
  • 0
  • unlimited
  • 6

WP Multi-Page


  • 25
  • 1
  • 0
  • unlimited
  • 25

Questions & Answers

In a word YES. There are limits of course we wont redesign again and again or author content for you.
Yes you do, we need to operate very efficiently to achieve this price and simply don't have the time to learn other peoples control panels, plus we are in control of both hosting and design to getting it working is very easy for us.
How long is a piece of string? This really depends how much content you want and how much too-ing and fro-ing there is between you and the designer before you are happy with the site. Typically a one page site can be done within a week and multi page is normally between 1-3 weeks
You don't. This is a one off fixed fee. Once we have designed the site you can move the hosting away from us if you want.
Thats fine but we won't support any of the eCommerce parts including page layouts, theme design to suit or anything to do with payment gateways. Once we have created the site, its yours to do what you want with.
Not yet no. eCommerce adds a huge amount of complexity including products population and payment gateways, we are looking into the possibility but its not available yet.
Yes of course but if you break the site we won't try to fix it for you but we will roll back to last working backup for you.
Not a problem, we will try to create a new WordPress site that looks very similar to your current site. We can mimic the pages, menu and content relatively easily.
In a word YES. We have created our own WordPress templates that enable us to quickly create very modern sites. We use WordPress as it really is the industry standard and is so expandable it can grow with almost any business.
You own the site (apart form any code used used which will have its own agreements such as WordPress itself). We do not own or claim ownership of any templates or design. After the initial term you are free to move the site wherever you want.